Dual Membership

"To see your children mature and grow as leaders of their boats is simply amazing." ~ Bill Pinney, parent 

"Thank you for teaching me a lot of things that can help me in life." ~ Mallory Field, grade school student

"Over the last eight years this activity [Longboats Program] has become a regular fall experience for the class and the students truly love the experience." ~ Gary Jedinak, special educator 

"Your work at LCMM is vital, far-reaching, and life-changing. I am full of gratitude for your vision and your quiet ability to make it real for so many to benefit from... Isaiah ... has found a steady anchor, a calm yet lively port (there is a danger of endless seafaring metaphors here) at LCMM thanks to you." ~ Tory Riley, parent & principal at Lincoln Elementary School

As dual members you receive unlimited free admission, discounts on products we sell, reduced fees on courses & workshops, and invitations to member-only events. All memberships are tax deductible!

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Dual Membership